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You know how they say that you take care of everyone before yourself? Well that rule also applies to decorating everyone else's home before your own.

We found this apartment in April and as soon as I walked through the doors I fell in love. I like to tell people that it's the Carrie Bradshaw apartment of Brooklyn. There are beautiful, weathered hardwoods throughout, plaster walls in the bathroom, a GORGEOUS black stone fireplace, french doors, 12ft ceilings in our bedroom, and yes, a walk-in closet.

Honestly, the biggest challenge was keeping it simple in order to let all of these outstanding features shine through. 

It has been a test in self-control, but I have enjoyed the challenge.

Stay tuned for more of the journey!




Before move-in, the only change made to the apartment was the color of the walls. Fortunately, our landlords allowed us to choose the color so I went with Benjamin Moore's Paper White. It has gray undertones versus beige, which I knew would complement our furniture and decor best.


This was the last room to be completed (for now), and it is the one that I feel most proud of.

When touring the apartment, I loved how the previous renters included a sitting area within the bedroom. It is a luxury that I don't assume I will experience again in NYC, so I wanted to take advantage of it. I also wanted to maximize my favorite part of the room: the FIREPLACE. In order to do so, I flipped the previous renter's set-up and arranged the room so that the bed and the sitting area faced the fireplace. This new set-up maximized the flow of the apartment.  Previously, the bed's position within the room blocked off most of the area and consequently made the space feel smaller. Now, there is a consistent flow of space from the accent chair in the bedroom to the windows in the kitchen. 

Given the fireplace and high ceilings, I strived to let this space speak for itself with a few dramatic pieces. The headboard is clearly the star of this show so I paired it with equally as beautiful, yet complimentary sconces and neutral bedding. The coffee table is a mid-century modern piece that I chose due to its low height and circular shape (this keeps the eye moving around the room). The area rug underneath adds a bit of a bohemian touch and the forest green accents pair well with the headboard. One of my most prized possessions is the dresser, which sits below a statement piece of art. Both have gray-blue undertones and add a serene tone to the bedroom.

Sconces Sixth Street Antiques: Hoboken, NJ  l  Tufted Headboard DIY: See Design Blog  l  Bedding Brooklinen  l  Table Lamp Rivet l  Nightstand Hardware Anthropologie 

Area Rug Rugs USA  l  Coffee Table Sixth Street Antiques  l  Butterfly Wing Tray Sixth Street Antiques  l  Candle Holder Morocco l  Antlers Austin, Texas

Curtains IKEA  l  Accent Chair Sixth Street Antiques 

Art Max Wanger  l  Candle Holder Morocco  l  Jewelry Tray Sixth Street Antiques  l  Dresser Sixth Street Antiques

Wegner Style Chair Estate Sale l  Art Framebridge


Honestly, these spaces took the back burner. Presuming that we will not be living in a small apartment in NYC for the rest of our lives (fingers crossed), we chose not to invest in the foundational pieces of a living space: sofa, dining table, chairs, credenza, an area rug.

Knowing this, my heart and soul did not go into the design of these spaces. I did, however, think deeply about the flow of the space. Since the living room is fairly narrow, I chose not to add in a coffee table. Our console worked within the space and gave room for a bar cart (a saving grace since the kitchen is limited in storage space). As I previously mentioned, I wanted to keep the flow of the apartment going from the bedroom to the kitchen. When doing this, I incorporated pieces of various height levels to keep the space fluid while also defining areas. The bar table is a prime example: its height in itself defines the "dining area."

For the kitchen, we did not change/add/take away anything. The ceiling is a statement in itself so we kept everything else simple and fairly neutral.

The bathroom is my second favorite room. Its plaster walls, white and black tiled floors, and porcelain tube are inspiration for my future home. Oh, and it's always filled with the most beautiful, natural light--photo shoots welcome!

Coral Curaçao

Pineapple Measuring Cup Anthropologie  l  Vintage Coffee Tin Family Piece  l  Squid Cappuccino Cup Positano  l  Bar Table Wayfair  l  Bar Stools Target

Bar Cart Target  l  TV Console Etsy  l  Area Rug Rugs USA  l  Sofa Wayfair  l  Art Estate Sale  l  Coffee Bag Gift