Sharon Florio is the owner of 6th Street Vintage in Hoboken, NJ. She has owned antique and vintage stores in Hoboken since 1987. Over the past decade, her Estate Sale business, Catch of the Day, has become her primary focus.

Needless to say, her experience in the industry is admirable. Sharon has an eye for quality pieces and has been ahead of her time for decades.

After the business next to 6th Street Vintage moved and this space opened up, Sharon decided to take over the main storefront.

The goals of this project were to highlight each individual piece and maximize the space in order to create a visual flow for clientele.

Check out the transformation below (and be sure to stop by 6th Street Vintage next time you're in town!).


6th St Vintage

408 6th Street

Hoboken, NJ 07030



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