Where: Managua (layover) to Little Corn Island (4 days) to Granada (3 days)

Stay: Grace's Cool Spot in Little Corn Island, Hotel con Corazon in Granada

When: December

Little Corn Island Eats:

-Breakfast: Grace's Cool Spot

-Breakfast/Snacks: Any other "cafes"

-Lunch/Dinner: Tranquilo Cafe

-Lunch: Cafe Desideri

-Drinks: Tranquilo Cafe

Little Corn Island Highlights:

-Be prepared to take a cargo boat and/or wait numerous hours while going to/leaving Little Corn (it is not easy but it is worth it)

-About 1 mile, this island is easily walkable

-Bring flashlights!

-Tranquilo was the best hangout spot

-Island dogs are your friends

-Ensueños has an amazing beach

-Snorkeling is not fantastic here

Granada Eats:

-Breakfast: Hotel con Corazon

-Lunch: Granada Market

-Breakfast/Lunch: The Garden Cafe

-Dinner: Bistro Estrada

Granada Highlights:

-Check out the Tribal Hotel (it's slightly hidden, use Google Maps). Owned by the designers of NYC's Indochine, it's an interior paradise.

-Spend half a day at The Monkey Hut (Laguna de Apoyo)

-Granada's walls are a photographer's dream

-Go to Granada's main market


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