Where: Block Island (4 days)

Stay: House on the Sullivan Property

When: July


-Breakfast: Persephone's Kitchen

-Lunch: Three Sisters (didn't go but wish we did!)

-Lunch/Dinner: Mahogany Shoals

-Lunch/Dinner: The Oar

-Drinks: Dead Eye Dick's backyard

-Drinks/Live Music: Captain Nick's

-Drinks/Dancing: Poor People's Pub


-Grill at your place for dinner!

-If you're up for increasing your sugar intake by astronomical levels, embark on a Mudslide tour (The Oar's was my fav)!

-Crescent Beach and Benson Beach are beautiful

-Rent mopeds and ride around the island!

-Take a trip to Mohegan Bluffs and the North Lighthouse

-Block Island is very runner/bike friendly so bring sneakers

-Although many people take day trips here, it is definitely worth a few days/week long stay

-Paddle boards, kayaks, etc. are all up to rent