Where: Roatán (7 days)

Stay: Bananarama Resort

When: August


-Breakfast: Donut men on the beach

-Lunch/Dinner: Celeste's (order the Baleada!)

-Detox Lunch/Dinner: LALA

-Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner: Thirsty Turtle at Bananarama

-"Fancy" Dinner: Roatán Oasis

-Drinks: Celeste's

-Lunch/Dinner: Creole's at West End

-Drinks/Live Music: Anywhere along West Bay Beach


- SLOTHS at Daniel Johnson's Monkey and Sloth Hangout

- Snorkeling/Scuba diving

- Zipline at South Shore

- Avoid the cruise ship crowd

- Always order fish, unless you do not like fish

- Bring a flashlight for night walks and LOTS of bug spray

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