SoHo is impeccably preserved. Since the 1960s, residents have dedicated themselves to furthering the life of SoHo's cobblestoned streets and cast iron buildings. Twelve foot plus ceilings are a rarity anywhere, but to have them EVERYWHERE in one neighborhood is note worthy.


First up, views from the neighborhood.

Veronica Beard and Chloè are included for their swoon worthy interiors (sadly Céline banned photography, but it is one of my favs so be sure to check it out).

Next, Blu Dot and Jayson Home's long term pop-up location.

Blu Dot is a bit more minimalist while Jayson Home exudes a more chic, yet laid back boho vibe.

Places to eat along the way are abound. SoHo is not lacking in a variety of incredibly well decorated restaurants, cafés and bars.

Sadelle's and Galli are two on my list. Sadelle's for bagels and lox (which are for ANYTIME of the day) and Galli for a nightcap.


Last (so far) but not least are my FAVORITES: Roll & Hill and Roman and Williams Guild.

Roman and Williams Guild is a fairly new addition to the neighborhood.

As Roman and Williams state, "We design for the world that we want to live in, and Roman & Williams Guild New York is the retail counterpart to our firm’s buildings and interiors practice."

Featured at Guild is la Mercerie for food, coffee and cocktails, as well as Emily Thompson Flowers for an exquisite arrangement on the way out.

Roll & Hill is a three story lighting store that is frequently re-styled to feature their new arrivals.

As stated on their website, "Roll & Hill’s pieces draw from a rich material palette that includes brass, bronze, leather, wood, hand-knotted rope and mouth-blown glass. Roll & Hill’s designers often pair historical elements with contemporary forms to create lights that feel familiar, yet totally new."

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