Whether you are a client down the street or across the country, design proposals are always a part of my process.

As a visual learner, I benefit from being able to see more so than hear what is being presented. Mix that with my teaching degree, and I can't help but feel the need to treat all of my clients like they are my students (or at least the student that I am)!

Keeping with my visual learning mantra, it's fitting to show you an example of a design proposal process. Below is a project for a client: the main area of the living room is done, so we are focusing on revamping the left nook. After taking budget and dimensions into account, I proposed multiple designs for the client, three of which are shown.


Main goals are to change the accent chair and lighting, and add in a side table and art.


Although the nook is the focus, the space has to flow. When designing, I always take into account the entire room, hence the visual that encompasses all of the living room. Presented are to-scale options for furnishings and decor. This particular project did not require a layout change, but it did take into account the dimensions of the proposed pieces within the space.

I hope that this helps to make a part of the design process clearer for all of you. If you have any more questions, always feel free to reach out!