After moving into our home, I wanted a fresh start for our main bedroom. I love color and pattern, but wanted our bedroom to feel like a calm, serene space. After creating my own DIY Channel Tufted Headboard, I decided to create a Bouclé Headboard for our bedroom.

To create the Bouclé headboard, I followed similar steps and used similar materials as I did with the Channel Tufted Headboard.

See steps and materials below!


Image via CB2



All materials listed are for a King size headboard.

Dimensions: 48'' H x 82'' L

  • Fabric: Etsy is your friend, especially if you do not live in a major city. I found a high quality, upholstery grade bouclé from Via Fabrics here.

  • Lambchop Color: Natural

  • 3 yards was plenty

  • Scissors: I used my everyday ones and they were just fine.

  • *Wood:

  • 2 sheets of thin, stable plywood for the back of my headboard (dimensions depend on your preferred headboard dimensions)

  • 2 thin planks for securing plywood across

  • Staple Gun: I used a fabric staple gun for this headboard, and it worked perfectly.

  • Screws: 3/4'' wood screws are ideal!

  • Batting: Ordered from Amazon

  • I made sure to buy 100% cotton, this size was perfect for my headboard dimensions.

  • Foam: I custom-ordered custom cut cushion foam from The Foam Factory.

  • Measurements: 48'' x 82'' x 4''


1. Lay fabric down.

2. Lay batting down on fabric (I cut mine down a bit smaller than the width of the fabric).

3. Place foam in the middle of batting/fabric.

4. Lay plywood sheets down.

5. Lay narrow planks horizontally across plywood sheets and space in between.

6. Drill screws into planks, about 3'' apart.

5. One side at a time, staple gun batting/fabric to the backside (make sure to pull the fabric tightly across each side).

6. Work from one end of the plank to the other.

7. For the ends, tightly pull fabric (almost like you're wrapping a gift) to create either a tufted or clean top line.


Duvet: West Elm

Linen Sheet Set: Gifted

Lumbar Pillow: Anthropologie